February 3, 2023

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Menidi: the arrest of car thieves who traded in catalysts

The police department of Vari-Voulas-Voulagmeni dismantled a criminal group whose members were stealing catalytic converters from cars parked in parts of Attica.

Two citizens, aged 24 and 30, were detained in the early morning of 12/15/2022 in Menidi by emergency police officers (Άμεση Δράση). Two more unidentified persons, accomplices of the thieves, are being sought. Shortly before the arrest, the attackers tried to remove the catalyst from a parked car in the Voula area. A neighbor caught them behind the “case”, but the men instantly fled the scene of the crime. The neighbor called the police.

The authorities immediately reacted, and law enforcement officers began to search for the criminals. The car in which the thieves moved was “spotted” in the Paleo Faliro area. The police followed them until they were “led” to Menidi. The police then succeeded in immobilizing the two perpetrators and taking them to the aforementioned security headquarters, where they were identified as the perpetrators of the theft and arrested. In the confiscated car, 3 catalysts and a cutting tool used in their criminal activities were found and confiscated.

From the preliminary investigation of the Police Department of Vari-Vula-Voulagmeni and after a comprehensive evaluation of information and evidence, 3 more cases of theft of catalysts from cars were uncovered, which were committed in different areas of Attica (Kifissia, Nea Philadelphia, Voula). detainees, accused of similar crimes in the pastdelivered to the prosecutor’s office in Athens. Investigative actions to identify and detain unknown members of the criminal group, as well as to fully disclose their criminal activities, continue.


Automotive catalytic converters are a very valuable commodity. It is they that contain precious metals, so the robbers “hunt” for them in order to enrich themselves. The two key components contained in the catalyst are silver and palladium. On the black market, a kilogram of silver costs about 500 euros (can be obtained from 100 catalysts, according to zougla.gr). As for palladium, its cost per kilogram is much lower, ranging from 50 to 70 euros per kilogram. About 10-12 kg of palladium can be obtained from 100 catalysts.

Another metal used in catalyst construction is rhodium. Feature: its kilogram costs more than 300,000 euros. The “work” of rhodium is to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. It is a rare chemical element that has a very high value, but the amount used in each catalyst is negligible. For example, out of 100 catalysts, only one gram can be obtained.

The value of everything that contains a car catalyst is quite high. Therefore, criminals are constantly developing operations to steal this type of spare parts.

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