February 2, 2023

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Arrest of a 25-year-old native of the former USSR who broke car windows and stole things

ΔΙΑΣ police officers detained a 25-year-old Georgian on charges of committing a series of thefts from cars parked near the Agia Paraskevi metro station.

According to ΕΛΑΣ, on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 27, a man broke a car window and stole personal belongings from the passenger compartment. However, the owner of the vehicle noticed this and called the police.

Law enforcement officers found the accused in the Chalandri area and took him to the local police department, where he was identified by the owner. The guy was arrested. The stolen items were reportedly found on him. As part of the preliminary investigation by the Chalandri Police Department, six more similar cases of theft from cars were identified, in which the arrested person was involved.

The detainee was taken to the criminal prosecutor’s office in Athens. The police investigation is ongoing.

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