“Bomb” from an expert: fourth dose and 10 years of annual vaccinations

The effect of the vaccine and natural immunity are gradually weakened. “This applies to all currently known COVID-19 mutations, and now we’re going to find out with the Omicron strain,” said Pfizer CEO Albert Burla. The expert expressed confidence that Omicron poses a serious problem, as the new version envisages the concept of a fourth […]

Hour X is approaching – before January 16 they should have time to get the first face vaccination 60+

In the age group over 60, the coronavirus vaccine is required. Starting from January 16, everyone who did not have time to make an appointment at least for the first appointment will face a monthly fine of 100 euros. Government decision published in Government Gazette, with an indication of exceptions for those who, for health […]

Hieronymos: vaccine is the only protection against coronavirus

Archbishop Ieronimos of Athens emphasized pandemic and vaccination in his message to the unvaccinated after the Epiphany service. Immediately after the great consecrated Mass held in the Metropolitanate of Athens, Mr. Ieronimos told reporters that “it was a wonderful service, solemn, but we wish that our next holidays would pass without these health problems.” At […]

Omicron: Expert Uncertainty with Pathogenicity Assessment

The Sage Scientific Advisory Group estimates that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus should be about 90% less pathogenic than the Delta strain. However, not all so simple. The protection against Omicron has been found to weaken after 10 weeks. Epidemiologists, based on two new British studies, found that people infected with Omicron are 40-70% […]

Your word, comrade Mauser?

I haven’t written about my “favorite” anti-vaccines for a long time. The state – and I fully support it in this particular case – has declared a real war on them … And no one desires to fight the state – whether it is right or not, confrontation in the overwhelming majority of cases is […]

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