8,400 deaths averted thanks to vaccines, Tsiodras says

“Since the vaccination began at the end of December last year, Greece has avoided 8,400 coronavirus-related deaths of its citizens,” Sotiris Tsiodras, professor of infectious diseases and leading epidemiologist of the country, said on live television to persuade people to get vaccinated. He added that, according to the analysis models, about 5,560 intensive care unit […]

Vaccines and Public Ethics Issues

Our time opens up interesting ethical problems that can be seen in the example of vaccination, although in reality they are much broader. I must say that until now these problems have not been posed in this way. Medicine initially sets itself the goal of preserving the life and health of people, based on utilitarianism, […]

Vaccinations and tests: checks by 18 government agencies

From 15 to 18 October, teams of inspectors-auditors of the National Agency for Transparency (ΕΑΔ) carried out on-site inspections in eighteen state bodies. In particular, six central services of the ministries, one regional, one regional directorate of primary and secondary education, one directorate of the regional division of primary education, seven municipalities and two state […]

11 times higher risk of dying in unvaccinated patients with complications of COVID-19

Scientists at the CDC (US Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), having studied statistics for the current year, concluded that unvaccinated patients with coronavirus die 11.3 times more often than those who received both doses of the vaccine. Scientists discoveredthat the risk of infection in the unvaccinated is much higher – an average of […]

The trick of the unvaccinated to enter gated entertainment venues

The government’s tactic of shifting responsibility for covid protocol compliance to entrepreneurs and staff appears to have failed miserably. The government has given the green light to reopening entertainment venues despite warnings from experts about the increased risk of indoor transmission, even for those vaccinated. Bars, clubs and bouzoukas opened their doors again, happily receiving […]

Expert: “We need to expand the list of mandatory vaccinations”

Nikos Karavelos said that “it is necessary to more actively vaccinate, tighten the protocol of sanitary measures, and not, Lord, celebrate the victory over the virus!” On the ERT channel, the director of the 2nd intensive care unit G. Papanikolaou, Mr. Caravelos, made a real “boom”, vehemently commenting on the “non-compliance with measures and the […]

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