Your word, comrade Mauser?

I haven’t written about my “favorite” anti-vaccines for a long time. The state – and I fully support it in this particular case – has declared a real war on them … And no one desires to fight the state – whether it is right or not, confrontation in the overwhelming majority of cases is […]

106-year-old granny vaccinated to “win”

One of the oldest people in Greece, a 106-year-old grandmother, was vaccinated yesterday by a private doctor in Zagora (Pelion). The long-liver urgently asked to be vaccinated, as her children and grandchildren did, in order to “win the battle for life.” Ms. Garifallia Woolgari, born on February 3, 1916 in Zagora, was looking forward to […]

Austria: vaccination or … 3600 euros

Compulsory vaccination for everyone over 14 years old is introduced in Austria from February 1. For refusal to vaccinate, a fine in the amount of 3.6 thousand euros is threatened. Large fines for those unwilling to vaccinate were announced by Wolfgang Mückstein, the head of the Austrian Ministry of Health, presenting the bill, reports Securykid… […]

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