Coronavirus: National Immunization Plan Update – Monday

On Monday 12 September at 18:00, the Greek Ministry of Health will hold an emergency briefing to provide information on the national COVID-19 vaccination plan.

It will be attended by Professor Maria Theodoridou, President of the National Committee for Immunization, and Mario Themistocleous, Secretary General of Primary Health Care. Greece has already received the updated vaccines, on Monday the date for the start of vaccination and the instructions of the National Committee will be announced.

Recall that in August, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced that with the end of the tourist season, new vaccines against coronavirus will be received in Greece and measures will be introduced to promote reduce the spread of coronavirus. He said that the new vaccines will be delivered in two phases before the end of the year and will arrive in Greece in October. Updated vaccines for the Omicron strain are expected first, followed by even more updated vaccines for sub-options 4 and 5.

The Minister noted that it is recommended to vaccinate persons over 60 years of age and vulnerable groups, but stressed that if the need arises to vaccinate the entire population, there will be no problems.

Separately, Mr. Plevris touched upon the issue of opening schools. He stressed that the obligations wear a mask in Greece there is no, as is customary throughout the world:

“We have a vaccinated population, if we get sick – there are new treatment protocols and mutations that are not lethal, as was the case with Delta. The school should enter into a normal rhythm – without tests and masks.”

Experts recommend that people over 60 take the 4th dose of the vaccine to protect themselves from coronavirus. However, in this age group, only 20% received the fourth vaccination, writes CNN Greece.

Last week, one person died every 44 seconds from COVID-19. This was stated by the head of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at a press conference in Geneva:

“Last week, one person died from coronavirus every 44 seconds in the world. Most of these deaths could have been avoided. This virus will not go away on its own, we understand this, and we are working together with governments of different countries.”

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