Pahoni: All citizens over 60 must get their fourth Covid-19 vaccination

The head of ΕΙΝΑΠ, Matina Pagoni, said that all people over 60 should not wait for autumn – the fourth vaccination against coronavirus should be done now:

“People over 60 with underlying medical conditions should take a fourth dose of the vaccine. Of course, everyone at this age or older faces some kind of health problem. Therefore, vaccination should be done not in the fall, but now. The fourth dose will help them protect themselves and not become seriously ill. Those who have a history and know how aggravated their health should take the fourth dose. The instructions are clear to everyone.”

Ms Pagoni elaborated that “those who received three doses of the vaccine and became ill no longer need the fourth dose.” In her opinion, the transmission of coronavirus is an individual responsibility. The head of ΕΙΝΑΠ said that the outbreak of coronavirus observed in some areas is undoubtedly related to the accumulation of people due to holidays and tourism:

“During this period, there is an increase in the incidence, mainly on the islands and in cities where there are many tourists. This is logical and requires attention. Everyone should take protective measures for themselves and others as the Omega 5 variant still predominates and is highly contagious but not fatal.”

Due to the summer season, Ms Pagoni adds, it is not only crowded during the day on the beaches, but also at night in the clubs, so it is very easy to catch the virus and transmit it. She recommends:

“The islands are overpopulated. This requires special attention. Anyone who gets sick should stay at home, not go out and not spread the virus. Everyone must wear masks in crowded places, and at the end of the holiday, they must take a rapid coronavirus test before meeting with the rest of the family.”

Mrs. Pagoni, writes CNN Greeceasks to pay special attention to the elderly so that they do not get sick:

“Everyone who returns from vacation should not come into contact with grandparents because they may be infected and not know about it. We must protect the elderly, keep our distance or wear a mask.”

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