Weather: storm warning

In just a few hours, the first “wave” of bad weather is expected in the country, which will mainly affect the western continental regions. A weather front formed in the Adriatic will reach Greece today and cause heavy rains and storms in the country. In particular, showers are expected mainly in its northern part, and […]

Weather: A rare occurrence is expected on November 12 – showers, snow and heavy winds

Heavy rain, wind and snow in the mountains are expected tomorrow, Saturday 12 November. Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu predicts that “most ski resorts in the country, such as in western Macedonia, will ‘dress in white.’ It is possible that heavy snow will fall within a few hours and at an altitude of 1200 meters”, the first […]

Weather forecast: storms and downpours are expected throughout the country, floods are possible

In most parts of Greece, intense thunderstorms and downpours are expected in the upcoming entrance, there is a risk of flooding. This is warned by meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu, a weather forecaster on the ERT TV channel. Heavy rains and thunderstorms will begin on Friday November 4 from the northwestern regions of Greece. On Saturday, November […]

"Bogdan" can visit Attica today

Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu warns that bad weather will affect Attica by Tuesday evening, and summer will return from Wednesday. Bad weather “Bogdan” brings with it storms and downpours, and will rage mainly in the west of Greece. However, on Tuesday evening, the ERT weatherman warns, short-term showers are also possible in Attica, and in some […]

Torrential rains flood Thessaloniki, more than 540 calls to the fire department (video)

Heavy rain hit the northern capital of Greece, Thessaloniki, turning streets into rivers, sweeping away cars, flooding houses and shops, and even the city’s landmark – the White Tower. Power outages were recorded in many retail outlets. The rain began around midnight Sunday and stopped early Monday morning. The fire department received more than 540 […]

A storm swept across Trikala, flooding the roads

The aggression of nature hit Trikala yesterday – the storm instantly turned the roads into raging rivers. On Friday afternoon in the eastern part of Trikala Prefecture, due to weather conditions, traffic on the Trikala-Larisa highway had to be stopped – in the section from Zarkos Trikala (Ζάρκου Τρικάλων) to Kutsohero-N.Larisa (Κουτσόχερο του ν. Λαρίσας). […]

Child killed by hail in Spain

Hailstones larger than 10 cm, which fell from the sky during the rampant elements in Spain, injured dozens of people and killed a child. A heavy downpour with hail and strong wind hit the Spanish province of Girona the day before yesterday and continued yesterday, local media reported. At the beginning of the bad weather, […]

In Thessaloniki, the skies opened up, the streets turned into seething rivers

meteorological warnings extreme weather manifestations turned out to be accurate, as the inhabitants of the flooded Thessaloniki were convinced. The weather pattern in a matter of minutes changed from summer to autumn. The showers are so heavy that the streets have turned into rivers. According to information thestival, in front of the courthouse in Thessaloniki, […]

Cars in Thessaloniki yesterday "swam"

A two-hour downpour that hit Thessaloniki yesterday flooded a regional road tunnel and turned vehicles into boats. The northern capital of Greece literally “drowned” as a result of a sudden rain. Reportedly, a huge traffic jam formed in the area of ​​the tunnel, and the cars “swimmed” the dangerous section. The fire department received […]