April 16, 2024

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Forecasters sound the alarm: “Precipitation that falls in a month will fall in a few hours”

Meteorologist Georgios Tsatrafillias warns residents of five regions of Greece about impending bad weather.

On his personal Facebook account, he says that “special attention needs to be paid mainly to five regions of the country, since weather events, according to the latest forecasts, are expected to be particularly intense.”

The “heavenly abyss” will open from today, October 25, until tomorrow noon in Corfu, Paxos, Preveza, Arta and Ioannina. Heavy storms and downpours are expected. The weather forecast for these areas shows that a month’s worth of water will fall within hours!

Let’s remember that a little earlier the National Weather Service issued an emergency bulletin about deteriorating weather, warning of approaching bad weather. In particular, from this evening (Wednesday 25 October) until midday tomorrow (Thursday 26 October), the weather in Western Greece is expected to worsen with heavy rain and storms, accompanied by a high frequency of lightning and localized hail.

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