December 7, 2023

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Forecast for Thessaly: up to 5 thousand tons of water can fall per 1 hectare

Clearhos Marousakis, a competent meteorologist, rings the bells again. The long-suffering Thessaly will face trouble again starting tomorrow, 26/09. According to the weather forecaster, the new cyclone Elias will bring heavy rains. Up to 5,000 tons of precipitation per hectare is expected to fall on the plain.

According to the meteorologist, the areas affected (and not yet recovered from the flooding caused by Cyclone Daniel) will again be subject to misfortune and will be captured by the raging natural disaster.

It may seem to some that 5 thousand tons of water per hectare is not so much. However, it is worth noting that the plain has already been flooded. There is still standing water in many areas. The soil has lost its ability to absorb water, partly due to the fact that it is covered with a layer of clay (a water-impervious soil horizon). And then there will be more… quite a lot of precipitation. In general, it will not be easy for residents of the region.

As reported to the TV channel “Open“Forecaster, in the morning “storms began in the region of Western Macedonia, the weather front is slowly moving further south. Thunderstorms in the Ionian Sea. This is a wave of bad weather that will actually affect 2/3 of the country.”

Mr Marousakis added: “The areas that will not be affected as much are at the heights of Thessaly and further north. Today we will experience rain and storms mainly in central Macedonia, and with midday and evening we will talk about the second strongest wave of bad weather that will affect western, central and southern Greece

Concerning Attica, the cyclone will pass through the region on Wednesday and Thursday (27 and 28/09). Showers are expected in the Peloponnese, Cyclades and Crete as the weather front moves away from our country. After this, “milder” weather will set in, with less precipitation.

Particular attention needs to be paid to Thessaly, where 3,000-5,000 tonnes of water per hectare is forecast to fall between today and Thursday. In addition, Lamia will also receive a strong “punch in the gut” from Cyclone Elias.

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