More than 15,500 cases of covid detected during self-tests of schoolchildren

Thousands of “affirmative” responses to the COVID test were identified in self tests in connection with school openings. By Sunday, self-tests were received by 90% of the beneficiaries – students and teachers, and this morning, at 7:00, self-tests were distributed to school units. The first morning information reported 14,000 cases of coronavirus in school screenings. […]

Limitation of the validity of the vaccination certificate, the third dose is required

A joint ministerial decision ΚΥΑ issued a decree on the expiration of the vaccination certificate (7 months), while those who do not take the third dose will be considered unvaccinated. On the morning of Sunday, January 9 of this year, Thanos Pleuris announced that from February 1, the vaccination certificates will expire in 7 months. […]

Omicron, self test: with a swab taken from the nose, the response "negative", and from the throat – "positive"

The experts point out that it is very likely that someone will do a nasal test and it will come out negative. And then, having passed a swab from the larynx, he will receive a positive answer. What is the reason for this? While the Omicron variant is now prevalent around the world, more and […]

Expert: “We do not know if Omicron is detected by rapid tests and self-diagnostics.”

Eleni Yamarelloe, professor emeritus of pathology and president of the Greek Society of Chemotherapy, claims that one in ten people infected with the Omicron strain is asymptomatic. The professor expresses grave concern over the discovery of the new strain, stating that “it remains to be seen whether rapid tests detect the Omicron mutation.” Confirming the […]

Greece Christmas Measures: Free Self-Test, No Additional Limits

The Greek government is offering two free self-assessment tests to all citizens during the Christmas and New Years periods, and is abandoning the idea of ​​a “rapid test for vaccinated in restaurants and gated entertainment venues.” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Tuesday that citizens with a Social Security Number (AMKA) will be eligible for […]

Expert: school closures are not even discussed

Rumors of school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak were again denied by Education Minister Niki Kerameos, thanking the teachers for their help in complying with the sanitary protocol and measures to combat COVID-19. “There is no talk of closing schools where protocols are followed. Of course, the more cases there will be in the […]

Anti-Taxer father banned children from going to school because he is against the mask and self-test

The intervention of the Serres prosecutor’s office was provoked by the actions of the head of a large family in Alistrati, who refuses to send his children to school due to measures to combat the coronavirus. According to the ERT Serres channel, the prosecutor ordered the social authorities to establish the conditions in which children […]

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