Limitation of the validity of the vaccination certificate, the third dose is required

A joint ministerial decision ΚΥΑ issued a decree on the expiration of the vaccination certificate (7 months), while those who do not take the third dose will be considered unvaccinated.

On the morning of Sunday, January 9 of this year, Thanos Pleuris announced that from February 1, the vaccination certificates will expire in 7 months. As explained by the Minister of Health, this will not affect the European certificate that can be used for travel in Europe.

Thanos Pleuris spoke on ANT1 on Sunday morning about the epidemiological situation in the country, the evolution of the Omicron mutation and the progress of vaccination. Among other things, the minister stressed that about 500 thousand of the Greek population are those who have not yet made the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

As for the issue of the shortage of drugs, Mr. Pleuris said that the problem will be resolved by Monday, and also said that from tomorrow, 300 beds for patients with covid will be available in private clinics.

Regarding the problem that arose with the lack of self test in pharmacies (and schools open tomorrow), the Minister of Health emphasized that those who did not manage to find them in pharmacies will find them in schools. “There are very few cases, 90% of students and teachers are provided with tests, and there will be no serious problems with opening schools.”

Finally, on the question of the compulsory vaccination, he replied that there is still no decision at the moment, but clarified that the contract with those who are not vaccinated will be terminated (they will be fired).

According to a new ministerial decree ΚΥΑ, the following are considered fully vaccinated:

a) persons after passing at least fourteen days from the date of vaccination against coronavirus COVID-19 and showing a vaccination certificate with proof of identity (tavotita, passport).

b) persons not less than fourteen days after vaccination with one dose of the vaccine, or who have suffered an illness and demonstrate a certificate of complete recovery.

For those who have reached the age of sixty and more than seven months have passed since the second dose was administered, a booster dose of the third dose of the vaccine will need to be given.

From 02/01/2022 and without the age restrictions specified in the previous paragraph, all those who were vaccinated and more than seven months have passed since the second dose was administered (or in the case of completion of the single-dose vaccination), are considered fully vaccinated after the administration of the booster dose.

The above certificates are displayed either in printed form from the digital platform or electronically via a mobile phone.

The competent employee, the owner or legal representative of the relevant company, the employer or the respective authorized person shall scan the QR code electronically through the special attachment of Article 33 of Law 4816/2021 (AD 118) Covid Free GR, checking the identity of the owner of the submitted document.

Alternatively, if the above certificates are submitted by a foreigner from a third country (outside the European Union), the persons of the previous paragraph check these certificates in paper form while verifying the identity of the holder.

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