Double self test for coronavirus and flu in pharmacies – How they work

Greece has received double self-tests for coronavirus and influenza, which are already available in Thessaloniki pharmacies, and will soon be available in other cities of the country.

These are well-known diagnostic tests, with the difference that they can simultaneously detect coronavirus, influenza A and B, coronavirus, influenza A and B, or both diseases at the same time.

Analyzes are done in the same way, but double, i.e. we drip one drop of liquid for coronavirus and one for flu.

In the case of a positive result, a red line will appear under the letter T in the first field of the coronavirus, and in the case of influenza, if it is type B, the line will appear on this letter and, if it is type A, on the corresponding letter.

An outbreak of respiratory viruses has been recorded in Greece. According to the Pharmaceutical Association, the number of visitors to pharmacies has increased dramatically. The main demand now is for fever pills, cough syrups, throat lozenges and vitamins. A feature of the new strain of influenza is the defeat of the bronchi (bronchitis) and …. weakness.

At the same time, the number of cases of Covid-19 confirmed by rapid tests in pharmacies has also increased.

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