Leaving the city for Easter: measures in force from April 18

The emergency protection measures against the coronavirus with which we will celebrate Easter this year have been in effect since yesterday, April 18th. The use of the mask on public transport and vehicles outside the prefecture is maintained.

From Monday 18 April to Sunday 1 May there are measures that will apply during the holiday period. These are emergency measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of coronavirus throughout the country.

According to the Government Gazette, before May Day:

Nightclubs will operate exclusively:

  • for those who received three doses of the coronavirus vaccine,
  • for those who have received both doses of the vaccine and up to nine months have elapsed,
  • for those who have been ill within the last six months.

We remind you that control is carried out at the entrance to entertainment centers, the wearing of masks by staff and visitors while waiting remains mandatory, and if there is an orchestra, musicians must keep their distance (the distance between them is at least one meter):

  • In the closed halls of restaurants will allow visitors only with certificates.
  • Open dining areas will be open to all those who have not been vaccinated or whose certificates have expired.
  • A prerequisite is the presence of a negative rapid test or PCR within 48 hours. Minors between the ages of 4 and 17 may submit a negative self-test result.
  • From the side of the restaurant, the menu is disinfected, and the use of masks by staff remains mandatory.

For the first time after two years of the coronavirus, the public celebration of Easter is allowed in the villages, subject to the above measures.

As for public transport

In terms of public transport (city buses, intercity buses ΚΤΕΛ, tourist buses and special tourist excursions of open or closed type, as well as private public transport buses, buses under the jurisdiction OASA SA and OASTH SA, railway trains, lifts (funiculars), its operation is allowed with 100% completeness and with the obligatory use of a high respiratory protection mask (FFP2 or double textile). Non-use of a mask in MMM is punishable by 300 euros.

What about the mask in the car?

Passengers in the car are still required to wear a mask, whether they are vaccinated or not. Exceptions apply only when:

a) Only the driver is in the car.
b) There are spouses or cohabitants in the car.
C) There are relatives of the first and second degree of kinship in the car.

In the event that the inspection establishes that the use of a mask by car passengers is not respected, then the fine is 150 euros for each passenger.

When will we take off the mask?

From June 1, the use of the mask will also be canceled indoors, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said. A ministerial decision by the JMC is awaited to formalize its provisions. In the meantime, we will continue to wear masks as usual. It is noted that the measure of mandatory wearing of a mask is expected to continue in public transport and supermarkets.

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