More than 15,500 cases of covid detected during self-tests of schoolchildren

Thousands of “affirmative” responses to the COVID test were identified in self tests in connection with school openings.

By Sunday, self-tests were received by 90% of the beneficiaries – students and teachers, and this morning, at 7:00, self-tests were distributed to school units. The first morning information reported 14,000 cases of coronavirus in school screenings.

According to the information, the new data shows 15,547 cases. According to experts and the Ministry of Education, these are thousands of cases that would not have been discovered without a self-test conducted at the opening of schools.

This is the largest concurrent public health survey for coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. According to sources in the Ministry of Education, 1.6 million people were tested (previously, the number of school inspections was less, since only the unvaccinated were tested, and now the vaccinated). The same sources claim that each potential case identified by the self test is another decisive step towards limiting the spread of the virus not only in the school community, but also in society as a whole.

According to the new protocol, tomorrow, on Tuesday, all students and teachers will have a second self-assessment, and the next one will take place on Thursday. The instructions of the Ministry of Education say that for the current week (from January 10 to 15), employees and students in the education sector need to pass three self-tests. One for Monday, the second for Tuesday (01/11/2022) and the third for Friday (01/14/2022). The self-test must be completed no later than twenty-four hours before going to school.

In the following weeks, the obligatory self-diagnosis of the disease will be carried out 2 (two) times during the school week, every Tuesday and Friday. Students must have their printed school card with them until the next diagnostic test. If it is not possible to print it, it can be completed and signed by the parents / guardians of the students.

To make it easier to monitor the results on the platform, it would be good to announce the self-test result the night before. If the student is absent on the day he is to show the self-assessment form, he must have it with him on the day he returns to school.

What happens if an infected person is found in schools – how long will quarantine last

If a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be quarantined for at least 5 days. The quarantine will be lifted:

a) After five days, when the obvious symptoms, in the form of fever and fever, are no longer observed.

b) If the fever persists or there is a positive self test (or rapid test), the isolation will be extended.

The Ministry of Education explains:

Now all unvaccinated students will take a free test every day for 5 days. In particular, they will do two rapid tests and a self test in 5 days, in addition to two fixed self-tests per week, that is, 5 tests in 5 days.

Vaccinated students will take self-tests in addition to two weekly self-tests, for a total of three free self-tests per week.

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