20% of parents are afraid to let their children go to school

As the government continues to brag about itself, and the education and health ministries celebrate by saying it was safe to reopen schools, parents are concerned about the rise in child cases. According to complaints from the Hellenic Teachers’ Federation, 20% of parents no longer send their children to primary school due to fear of the coronavirus.

“The health protocol promoted by Ms. Kerameos is detrimental to the operation of schools,” complains vice president of the federation Georgios Troulis, stressing that now “schools are the transmitters of the coronavirus,” adding: “The Ministry of Education is deliberately trying to hide what is happening in schools.”

As it became known, by Thursday evening, more than 6,500 positive results of self-testing for covid were found in educational structures. In particular, according to the Ministry of Education, 1,600,000 students and teachers had 6,566 positive results this week.

Recall that on the first day of schools, positive tests of students and teachers amounted to 15,547. On Tuesday, January 11, the number of cases exceeded 9,600 (more than 2,500 infected students and teachers).

The morbidity of teachers remains a big problem in the work of schools. According to OLME and the ILO, the number of sick teachers exceeds 8,000, causing a number of functional problems in hundreds of schools across the country.

“We are investing in a valuable self-testing tool to protect the school community and society at large. The distribution of self tests in pharmacies will continue in the coming weeks,” the leadership of the Ministry of Education noted.

The spokesman for the Nea Democracy party, Tassos Gaitanis, said: “According to the results of the second week of school operation, the positivity index in the school community is only 0.4%. Those who think that schools are “dangerous to health” are, to put it mildly, wrong.”

As reported, the distribution of free self-tests for schoolchildren in the country’s pharmacies has been extended until Monday. In particular, parents will be able to self-test their children and register the results until 17:00 Saturday. The issuance of tests will continue from 8:00 Monday.


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