The snake started a panic in the cafeteria

The appearance of the snake, which, as it turned out, found a refuge in the flower bed of a catering establishment, came as a shock to the visitors. The snake was found in a cafeteria located in the center of Heraklion in Serres. In particular, a reptile, which is probably a legless lizard (spindle), very […]

Horror: the snake crawled out of the toilet

The nightmare was going to the toilet of a young girl, a resident of the Pefka district of Thessaloniki. Lifting the toilet lid, she suddenly saw a snake there! The reptile probably did not crawl through the sewers, as one might think (and as we have seen more than once in horror films), but most […]

The snake caused a panic at the Kifisu bus station

An unexpected “passenger” became a troublemaker at the KTEL Kifisou (Athens) intercity bus station. The couple reportedly arrived at the metropolitan bus station from Artemis in their car, where they spent the weekend. In KTEL Kifisa, they intended to leave the driver’s sister in order to return to their country house. However, as soon as […]

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