February 8, 2023

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Four snakes crawled into the wine cellar

Four snakes were found hiding in a wine cellar in the Drimos area of ​​Thessaloniki. The fire brigade was immediately called, and members of the Animal Rescue and Protection Squad rushed to the scene to eliminate them.

These are reptiles, each about 1.5 meters long, that were probably looking for a place to winter, says reptile specialist Stelios Geronimakis, head of the animal protection organization Διάσωσης και Υπεράσπισης Ζώων (Animal Rescue and Defense Squad).

“Snakes are looking for places to hibernate. Although this particular case is quite strange, because the snakes were not “in a ball”, as is usually the case, despite the fact that all four were found in the same place, and even were the same length, ”said Mr. n Geronimakis.

The four reptiles that were seen in Oreokastro will be removed from the production facility (wine cellar) by the Animal Rescue and Protection team. And, as soon as weather conditions permit, the forest dwellers will be released back into the wild.

The team (organization) was founded about seven months ago, and is engaged in evacuation and rescue operations throughout Northern Greece, but so far most of the calls come from the Thessaloniki prefecture.

During this period, specialists were called to intervene in a variety of cases related to all kinds of living creatures: from reptiles and predators to donkeys and leafhoppers, the smallest bird in Europe, which was injured after hitting a window.

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