December 7, 2023

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Under the hood of a car, they found … a one and a half meter snake

While a 39-year-old serpentologist who was bitten by a viper is hospitalized in a serious but manageable condition, a driver in Thessaloniki discovered a one and a half meter snake under the hood of his car.

According to the volunteer group Animal Rescue and Defense Squad, the driver opened the hood of the vehicle and was surprised to see a snake wrapped around the engine.

“The driver saw the reptile and called us. A rescue team immediately arrived on the scene and it took about half an hour to remove the reptile, which, due to its size, wrapped itself around the car’s engine, ”the group said on social networks. apparently snake I decided to “warm up”.

The “terrible snake” turned out to be lafiatis or laphitis – non-poisonous snake of the cainospidae family. This is the largest species living in Greece (from 1.5 to 2 m). This is not an aggressive snake at all, harmless to humans, but can bite if grabbed.

The car was freed from the reptile, which was then released into its natural habitat.

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