Airlines around the world canceled thousands of flights on Christmas Eve

Airlines around the world canceled at least 2,401 flights yesterday, on Christmas Eve, which estimates is usually a busy day at airports. Almost 10,000 more flights have been postponed. According to the same source, 1,779 flights worldwide were canceled for Christmas, as well as 402 more scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday. Flights to / from […]

Here are the masks that we wear from today in supermarkets and on public transport.

A new set of measures comes into force with a special directive on masks to be worn in supermarkets and public transport. On Thursday afternoon, the government announced about new measuresthat will be implemented during the holidays. Among them – the restoration of the mandatory wearing of masks indoors and outdoors. However, for supermarkets and […]

Omicron: Expert Uncertainty with Pathogenicity Assessment

The Sage Scientific Advisory Group estimates that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus should be about 90% less pathogenic than the Delta strain. However, not all so simple. The protection against Omicron has been found to weaken after 10 weeks. Epidemiologists, based on two new British studies, found that people infected with Omicron are 40-70% […]

106-year-old granny vaccinated to “win”

One of the oldest people in Greece, a 106-year-old grandmother, was vaccinated yesterday by a private doctor in Zagora (Pelion). The long-liver urgently asked to be vaccinated, as her children and grandchildren did, in order to “win the battle for life.” Ms. Garifallia Woolgari, born on February 3, 1916 in Zagora, was looking forward to […]

Cancer patients expect surgery for more than five months

Large overloads on the health care system are recorded in hospitals in Thessaloniki, and the waiting time for an operation by cancer patients, in one of them, is enormous. For six months, those who do not have coronavirus are waiting for medical intervention or passing a diagnostic test. This was announced by the radiologist, curator […]

Sotiris Tsiodras: commentary on the research that caused the excitement

Professor Sotiris Tsiodras called for a spirit of unity and solidarity, the cohesion of citizens in the face of the pandemic. Main epidemiologist of the country during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, who broadcast from TV screens about the progress of the fight against the virus, broke his silence for the first time since […]

Expert: which of the vaccinated has the same chance of contracting coronavirus as the unvaccinated

Athanasios Tsakris, professor of microbiology at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), said that four months after the second dose of the vaccine, antibodies drop, leaving people with almost the same chance of getting covid as the unvaccinated. A new possible wave of a pandemic after the holidays is warned by a professor commenting […]

For the first time, a drug from monoclonal antibodies was prescribed to a sick pregnant woman

The first case of the use of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of coronavirus in a woman who is in the third trimester of pregnancy was carried out at the Serres hospital. Director of the medical service and obstetrician Dimitris Balaxis announced this during a press conference. To carry out the procedure for the introduction […]