Lockdown: restrictions in the “red” zones – only for the unvaccinated

The government is focused on taking measures to further strengthen the rights of fully vaccinated citizens in relation to the unvaccinated, investing even more in the tactics of separating categories of citizens. In particular, official government statements are expected to be made in the near future, since proposals have already been discussed such as lifting […]

Ministry of Education: "truancy" will not put students on the day of vaccination

Students who have received the coronavirus vaccine, both the first and second doses, may not attend school, and their absence will not be considered absenteeism. According to the circular of the Ministry of Education, absences of schoolchildren on these days will be registered, but will not be “reflected” in the characteristics of school attendance. However, […]

Poll: every third “doubter” got a vaccine. Who still resists

The main obstacle to mass vaccination is the reluctance of citizens to get vaccinated. In the United States, a study was conducted examining the correlation between initial resistance to vaccination and whether the vaccine was eventually vaccinated. Theodora Psaltopoulou, Panos Malandrakis, Yannis Danasis and Thanos Dimopoulos (Rector of EKPA) summarize a relevant recent publication in […]

Fully vaccinated surgeon Christos Constantaras dies

Despite being fully vaccinated, Christos Constantaras, professor of medicine and surgeon at the Agios Lukas clinic in Thessaloniki, contracted the coronavirus and died. A renowned physician with many years of experience and great contribution to the national health system was diagnosed with cancer. In early February, the doctor completed the vaccination. The deceased was left […]

60-year-old anti-Vaxer refuses treatment and dies

More and more cases of refusals to undergo necessary medical procedures in hospitals by coronavirus and vaccination deniers are being identified. After the patients refused intubation and transfusion of vaccinated blood, one of them in Drama allegedly refused to take antibiotics, which in his case proved fatal. Deputy Governor of Drama Georgios Papadopoulos told about […]

Air disinfection devices with 93% efficiency will be installed in the metro and buses

High protection against coronavirus, which can reach up to 93%, is provided by special devices for air disinfection, which are widely used abroad, as evidenced by recent studies. And it is possible that soon we will see them in Greece, in the metro and buses. They have already received the “blessing” of the country’s chief […]

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