Mother demands exclusive custody of children because their father is anti-Axer

The mother of four-year-old twins decided to achieve exclusive custody by filing a lawsuit in the first instance court of Thessaloniki against her ex-husband, who is against the vaccines.

At some point, the woman hoped that her husband would come to his senses and vaccinate for the sake of his children. But it was all in vain. Before filing the lawsuit, she told Star channel, she tried to talk to him, but his response simply outraged her.

“He was adamant and told me, ‘I only wear a mask so as not to get a fine.’ I do not think that he is adequate … He denies the pandemic and the virus, – says the upset mother of young children, – He considers himself invulnerable. He thinks that “nothing will touch him.” His constant answer is that I never get sick. And this is really an insulting attitude to life, both to your own and to your children. “

The basis of her lawsuit against her ex-husband

The woman says that her “children are with the unvaccinated. There is a huge problem with covid now because the viral load that children get from the unvaccinated is enormous. I do not think that the environment my children are in now (being with their father) is safe for them. “

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