OASA plan during a pandemic

Athens Public Transport Authority – OASA has developed an action plan for the situation that may arise in the event of an increase in sick leaves due to the coronavirus.

OASA fears a rapid rise in the number of coronavirus cases caused by the Omicron variant, as officials believe many employees may take sick leave.

According to the published report, “the plan takes into account various possible scenarios in an emergency (increase in the number of cases of covid). The work of urban transport will be ensured in any case with the optimal use of OASA’s human resources. “

“In particular, alternative programs have been developed for the routes of buses and other types of urban public transport, which will respond in a timely manner (changes) due to the likely reduction in the number of drivers working in 1 shift, as well as to the passenger traffic, which, according to estimates, will be reduced due to the pandemic, ”the appeal says.

The statement stresses: “Specific route schedules have been developed for all lines, with priority for destinations with high demand during peak hours.”

Thus, depending on the passenger traffic and the mobility of citizens, which is expected to develop in connection with the increase in the number of cases of covid, a satisfactory level of transport services will be provided.

OSY and STASY are already taking all the necessary operational measures to ensure that the personnel who are required to work in these emergency conditions are “in shape”.

OASA officials reiterate their call on citizens to wear a high-visibility mask when traveling on urban public transport, noting that “as the pandemic is evolving rapidly, itinerary planning will be constantly updated based on the situation.”

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