In April, the pandemic will be dealt with forever

The head of the Institute for Infectious Diseases and Hospital Hygiene at Jena University Hospital, Mathias Pletz, believes that the difficult epidemic situation caused by the spread of coronavirus will improve from April 2022.

“The waves (pandemics) will become more and more insignificant, even if new options appear, because there is simply already some basic immunity,” the expert says.

For example, the Spanish flu pandemic, in his opinion, showed that this virus will never disappear completely. Nevertheless, according to the infectious disease specialist, over time the situation will become such that “the health care system will be able to cope with it.”

The main problem with the massive spread of the coronavirus was that it affected a population that had no immunity against it at the start of the pandemic. “It was like throwing a match into a puddle of gasoline,” Pletz commented on the situation.

As for the omicron strain of the coronavirus, the expert noted that people develop the so-called hybrid immunity, acquired as a result of vaccination and illness.

In addition, according to many experts, a “lifetime” (one-time) vaccine and drugs for the treatment of covid will be invented by April. Well, besides, all pandemics end at some point.
We can only hope for it.

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