Coronavirus: dogs are trained to detect the virus

Lately, many musicians have been seeking help from dogs specially trained to detect the “smell” of COVID-19 to ensure their upcoming tours go smoothly.

Dogs are known to be trained to detect drugs and explosives through their keen sense of smell, and to assist in police investigations.

Recently, however, many musicians have looked to dogs specially trained to smell COVID-19 to ensure their tours run smoothly.

According to Rolling Stone, artists and bands such as Eric Church, Tool, Metallica and The Black Keys have used dogs with a good sense of smell to “test for covid” musicians and technicians. If dogs find a virus, they sit down and thus alert interested parties that a person has it.

Dogs that are being “rapidly tested for Covid-19 antigens” are being trained by Bio-Detection K9, based in Ohio, USA. The company claims that the dogs it trained were “98-99% accurate in validation studies on clinical specimens and real people.” “If you understand the instincts of a dog’s behavior, it makes a lot of sense,” Jerry Johnson, president of B9-Detection K9, told Rolling Stone.

While the four-legged assistants have been able to detect previous strains of Covid-19 by sniffing the subjects’ hands and feet, they are somehow even better at detecting the Omicron variant. After numerous cancellations and rescheduling of concerts and festivals of many bands such as Metallica, they began to bring trained four-legged assistants with them on tour.

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