Food before and after vaccination against COVID-19

Vaccination against the COVID-19 virus seems like the only way to get back to normal. Sometimes side effects occur after it, however, proper nutrition can help the body function properly and, through this mechanism, maintain overall good health, possibly preventing any side effects. Side effects of the vaccine can include pain, redness, and swelling at […]

Coronavirus: monitoring compliance with the introduced measures in public catering facilities

The government intends to impose strict control over the implementation of the new measures, based on which all visitors to indoor premises – cafeterias, restaurants, clubs – must present a vaccination certificate or a certificate of a past illness along with an identity card to exclude the possibility of the spread of a dangerous virus. […]

Expert: vacationers will bring "problem"

The government and the committee of epidemiologists talk about the criticality of the situation and argue that in the next ten days it is necessary to turn the tide in the battle against the pandemic. The main problem is the return of tourists in August from vacations home. The number of new infections associated with […]

Action or foresight: transforming the vaccinated into zombies

The reaction of the creators of the American feature film “I Am Legend”, in which vaccinated people turned into “living dead”, gave its own response to public criticism. Released in 2007, the film unfolds in an unsuccessful attempt to genetically modify measles to fight cancer, killing 99% of the world’s population. The few who survive […]

Expert: Coronavirus transmission and air conditioners

Of particular concern is the positivity index, which remains very high, with the Delta mutation prevailing in 70% of cases in Greece. Athena Linou, EKPA professor of epidemiology, emphasizes that things are not easy. “When we hear about the situation in hospitals, we understand that the situation is difficult. The main and alarming thing is […]

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