March 26, 2023

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No matter what happens: experts on August 15

Experts are concerned that the celebration of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos creates conditions for crowds to appear both in churches where believers come and at public events that traditionally take place in many parts of the country on 15 August.

This is why government and local authorities are turning their attention to areas where large numbers of people gather each year to ensure that public health is protected and that people are respected.Happy Easter

It is noted that in relation to churches until Monday 16/08, the following measures are in force: inside the temples, one person is allowed to enter for every 15 sq. M. and a maximum of 100 people, and in the open air – one person per 10 sq.m. with a distance between them of at least two meters, as well as the use of a double mask.

At the same time, the control in the ports of the country by the coast guard is being tightened so that those who do not have the necessary documents do not travel.

“Headache” for the islands
However, what worries the scientific community is the tense epidemiological picture of some of the islands. It shows that of the 3,270 cases announced yesterday, 392 were in Crete. In particular, they were found in Heraklion (208), Chania (109), Lassithi (18) and Rethymno (57). In addition, 115 cases have been reported in Rhodes and 52 in Corfu.

Recall that Crete, the Ionian Islands, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades are highlighted in dark red on the updated ECDC map in the combined situational test index and the COVID-19 positivity index.

Thus, according to information from the Greek state TV channel ERT, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, control measures on the islands will be strengthened by:

supervision in bars for compliance with sanitary protocol measures; observations in churches; patrolling in lanes to avoid overcrowding and crowding; detecting and preventing “secret parties” in villas and yachts.

Vasilakopoulos explains what scares the experts
Let us remind you that the alarm bell regarding August 15 rang the day before, as reported by the professor of pulmonology and resuscitation of the EKPA Theodoros Vasilakopoulos.

“The cocktail is explosive, because in the nightly gaiety that was observed on some islands (which brought and spread the pandemic), today we have about 3,500 cases and about 20-25 deaths every day. In churches where there will be many people, control will be taken. But what is especially scary is that “then there will be a family party where young people who had fun earlier in clubs will traditionally hug the older members of the family, who, unfortunately, are not all vaccinated,” he said on SKAI, explaining the concerns experts about the celebration of August 15th and possible negative consequences.

He urged citizens to observe protective measures and, if possible, avoid close contacts, “since there is a large epidemiological burden in our country.” In the end, the professor explained: “We will not be able to cope with the pandemic if we are not vaccinated and if we do not consciously follow the protocols. We must all act responsibly and wisely. ”

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