Take away security: no certificate required from clients

Clarifications about take away food were made by ΓΣΕΒΕΕ President Georgios Kavwafis, who noted that, according to the new measures, in this case, coronavirus tests are not carried out.

The misinformation of some of the companies in the spotlight regarding the response to the pandemic seems to create unnecessary problems for store owners and customers. Referring to the relevant statement of his colleague on the SKY channel, the president of ΓΣΕΒΕΕ explained that there is no customer control (no need for certificates or covid tests) to take out (receiving a package of food outside a catering establishment).

“The customer enters in a mask, takes the goods and leaves without sitting on a bench or at a table. If he goes out, if he sits outside on the counter to drink coffee, of course, he should be checked. But the ministerial decree states that if you take coffee and leave, control is not required, ”said Mr. Kavwafis.

In addition, as he emphasizes, the new measures, which took effect on Saturday, make it very difficult for businesses to operate, as they significantly limit potential customers.

The President of the General Confederation of Professional Manufacturers of Greece (ΓΣΕΒΕΕ, Γενική Συνομοσπονδία Επαγγελματιών Βιοτεχνών Εμπόρων Ελλάδας) speaks about a reduction in turnover from 30 to 50% in the country on the first two days off, that is, on Monday, on the first two days off, the reduction of turnover from 30 to 50% and on Tuesday

“We had 600 QR scans at the restaurant over the weekend. Seven were with rapid tests, and the rest were vaccinated, ”summed up Mr. Kawwafis.

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