The unvaccinated may be prohibited from visiting closed catering facilities

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis mentioned the possibility of taking other measures to restrict the unvaccinated, depending on the epidemiological conditions.

When asked whether, for example, it is possible to ban the unvaccinated from entering a restaurant or to oblige them to take a daily express test, Mr. Georgiadis replied that “all this is probably open and could potentially happen if the epidemiological situation gets much worse.” …

He categorically ruled out the possibility of general isolation, saying that all measures considered by the government are aimed at not affecting the lives of vaccinated people who are at risk of contracting the coronavirus, but do not risk dying.

He expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the new measures, saying that they “spurred” interest in vaccinations, as it led to hundreds of records for the first vaccination.

Regarding compulsory vaccination, Mr. Georgiadis replied that, apart from medical vaccines (in early childhood or when traveling to some African countries, etc.), nowhere in Europe is such a practice carried out. And that in a democratic state no one can force anyone to be vaccinated.

He accused SYRIZA of hypocrisy, but especially KINAL, which talks about commitment, while he did not vote for regulation for medical professionals.

Especially for medical professionals, he stressed that of the 11,000 who were not initially vaccinated, 6,000 were suspended in September and have not yet returned to work, i.e. they would rather be unemployed than receive the vaccine.

“Imagine now what we are going to do, for example, mandatory vaccinations for the police and port authorities, where you have 30,000 to 40,000 unvaccinated people, and if you apply the same measures, we will get 20,000 suspensions from work. Would you take on such a responsibility? ”The Minister of Development emphasized.

When asked to comment on Singapore’s decision not to cover the medical costs of unvaccinated citizens, Mr Georgiadis stressed that, in his opinion, the state should offer health insurance to every patient. He added that the coronavirus has posed some ethical dilemmas that Singapore is trying to toughly tackle as “for the first time, we have people who decide to get sick.”

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