Panic in a supermarket: 14 people infected with coronavirus were in the same store

Not one, not two, but 14 people infected with the coronavirus at once showed absolutely no sense of responsibility, violated quarantine and left their homes to go shopping in one of the supermarkets in Patras!

The “exposure” happened after a certain vigilant citizen turned to the management of the store with a complaint, because he saw his acquaintance in the trading floor, who was ill and was supposed to be under house arrest. As soon as the citizen saw that a friend was making purchases openly and freely, he notified the store managers about this, who immediately began to warn people through loudspeakers.

According to local media reports, as soon as the announcements were made, 14 people almost immediately ran out of the store to avoid the worst. As it turned out, all of them were forbidden to leave their apartments, but they violated the provisions of self-isolation.

A similar incident occurred at KEP Paralia. The presence of a woman was discovered in the room, who was supposed to be at home on self-isolation.

According to, the woman applied to the KEP (Population Service Center) to issue a document, but during her presence in a public place it became known that she was sick with coronavirus and had to comply with quarantine.

The police were immediately informed and a patrol arrived at the scene.

According to local residents, there was turmoil in the area when citizens learned that they were “side by side” with the infected, “walking around” contrary to sanitary protocol.

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