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Israel launched a missile attack on a facility in Iran, what is known at this hour

On the night of Friday, April 19, Israeli missiles hit a facility in Iran, and explosions occurred in Isfahan.

How reports ABC News, citing an unnamed senior American official, exploded near the airport in Isfahan. Air defense systems operate in several areas of Iran. The state agency IRNA said in a statement:

“Iranian air defenses have been activated in the skies of several provinces of the country.”

According to FARS, three explosions occurred near the Air Force base, which is located near the international airport. Iran reported downed drones. Hossein Dalirian, a spokesman for the Iranian Space Agency, said that “several” unmanned aerial vehicles were “successfully shot down” by air defense forces: “There are no reports of a missile attack at this time.”

The Tasnim news agency, citing sources, reported that nuclear facilities in Isfahan province are “completely safe.” According to media reports, Iran has suspended flights over some cities. In particular, as the Mehr agency clarified, flights have been suspended in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz, as well as at airports in the west, northwest and southwest of the country. Iranian authorities have not yet commented on this information.

BBC publication summed upwhat is known at the moment, two hours after the first explosions were reported:

  • Two US officials confirmed to CBS News that an Israeli missile struck Iran.
  • Explosions were heard in the city center of Isfahan early Friday morning, Iranian media reported, saying three drones were destroyed after the country's air defense systems were activated.
  • Isfahan is home to an Iranian air base and there are several military installations in the province. There are no reports of damage yet, and Iranian media say all nuclear sites are safe.

The Israeli military and the Pentagon have so far declined to comment. Iranian state media cited unconfirmed reports of explosions in the central province of Isfahan. Iran's state broadcaster IRIB played down reports of the attack, saying Isfahan was “safe and sound.”

An Iranian military airbase near the city of Isfahan was hit. reports New York Times, citing three Iranian officials. The newspaper's interlocutors clarified that the strike was Israel's first response to Iran's attack on the night of April 14.

The 8th Tactical Air Base is located near Isfahan in central Iran. Shahida Babai. The NYT, citing flight tracking sites, notes that civilian aircraft have changed their routes and are flying around the Isfahan area. Iranian Space Agency spokesman Hossein Dalirian wrote in X that Iranian air defenses have shot down several drones, “there is no information about a missile attack yet.”

Iranian officials said the strike hit a military air base near the central Iranian city of Isfahan early Friday. The scale of the attack was unclear. Iranian officials said the attack was carried out by small drones, possibly launched from Iran, and that its radar systems did not detect any unidentified aircraft invading Iranian airspace. They said a separate group of small drones was shot down near Tabriz, about 500 miles north of Isfahan.

Iranian news agencies reported that explosions were heard near both cities, adding that nuclear facilities in Isfahan were not damaged.

Hours later, Iranian state television showed footage of normal life returning to Isfafan, and Iran's aviation agency said it was lifting flight restrictions.

The Israeli military declined to comment. All the officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.

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