June 25, 2024

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Israel tried to blow up Iranian nuclear weapons laboratories: unsuccessful – 3 Israeli drones were shot down

Today's Israeli strikes against Iran appear to have been limited in nature and were aimed at nuclear facilities in Isfahan.

The attack was carried out using drones and did not achieve its goal. For now, Iran denies that any of its nuclear facilities are damaged.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) confirms to Tehran that it has not recorded any damage to Iran's nuclear facilities.

#IAEA reports no damage to Iran's nuclear facilities after Israeli attack

However, Iranian F-14 fighters scrambled in case of a collision with Israeli fighters. There is also a report that Iranian anti-aircraft guns over Isfahan shot down three small drones that were launched from Iranian territory.

If the Israeli attack had caused significant damage, the corresponding audiovisual footage would have been published. At least this hasn't happened so far. It should also be noted that the Iranian authorities have lifted the flight ban previously imposed on several cities in the country.

It is known that the military base in Isfahan, which was subjected to an Israeli attack today, is equipped with radars (including those supplied from Russia), electronic warfare and air defense systems to protect nuclear facilities.

Isfahan is located approximately 350 kilometers south of Tehran. It is there that the 8th Air Force Base is located, which has three squadrons and is the base for the most modern Iranian aircraft – the F-14, which, however, is more than 30 years old. This means that even the airbase itself is an iconic site for Israelis.

The Jerusalem Post, shortly after 9 a.m., published a comment from an Israeli official that the strike was carried out on the principle “an eye for an eye as Israel responded after the attack”A “factory explosion” happened because Israel wants to avoid escalation.

Iranian state media has downplayed the blow. The limited scale of the event gives Iran the opportunity to get out of the situation “without losing face.”

In this context, the same sources stated that Israel would not take responsibility and it remains unclear why the Pentagon informed the US media about Israeli involvement. “They could have stayed silent and avoided the possibility of Iran escalating further.”said the same sources.

Iran's official news agency IRNA reported that following the explosions in the early morning. “no serious damage was recorded.” According to the agency, which relied on information from its reporters, “after the activation of anti-aircraft installations in some areas of the country” “there was no damage or large-scale explosions.”

Three small quadcopter drones launched from Iran were shot down by Iranian air defenses over Isfahan. There were no reports of an airstrike or explosion. All military installations remain secure. And it's all? So-called “Israeli-Iranian retaliation”?!

However, a US military source told Fox News that the Israeli attack was “limited” and was not actually carried out. “manned aerial vehicles”.

In general, everything is reminiscent of two cautious boxers who at first do not hit each other with all their might. Little by little, little by little. But in such a fight, each subsequent attack becomes more active and angrier. The only question is when the boxers will start hitting at full strength.

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