July 22, 2024

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"Nervous situation" in the Middle East, caused by the confrontation between Israel and Iran

Loud statements from Iranian officials and spiritual leaders about delivering a “deadly” blow to Israel, as well as the intentions of Israel and the United States to strike back, not only cause a “nervous crisis” in the Middle East, but also directly concern Greece, since the only Greek Patriot battery already has been in Saudi Arabia for many years, where its task is to protect the country’s airspace from attacks from Iran.

The Greek publication writes about this problem ProNews.

Since the Iranians have warned neighboring states that host American air bases that a US attack from their territory could mean the start of a major regional war, this means that they are an immediate target, and with them the Greek Patriot battery.

In fact, the Greek battery will be the main target for the Iranians, because we have the example of the Russians, who first methodically destroyed all Western anti-aircraft systems transferred to Ukraine, in order to then freely strike strategic targets and strategic infrastructure in all cities of Ukrainian territory. About 100 people serve in the Greek battery. What happens if they get hit?”asks Theophrastos Andreopoulos, editor of ProNews.

“Will the Mitsotakis government be able to justify to the Greek people for the loss of their children in a region where they do not defend Greek territory and sovereignty? As for the American intention to help Israel strike Iran, it has not yet come true, at least today, but no one can know what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and so on,” emphasizes Theophrastos Andreopoulos.

It is noted that Iran suspended all activity in Tehran's airspace last night. Sources in Tehran say this was done for reasons of “national security”, that is, because they expect a possible attack from Israel and the United States, which could happen at any moment.

F-35 fighters of these two allies often “hide” in civil aviation routes (was that even possible?) and confuse air defense systems, as evidenced by raids in Syria.

The Iranians' goal is, first of all, to “clear” their airspace of all sorts of civilian spots on air defense radars in an attempt to detect “packets” of Israeli fighters.

The next few hours will be critical because neither Iran can allow the Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus to go unanswered, nor can Israel and the United States allow Iranian retaliation against Israel.

Attack on Israel after Khamenei's threat.

On Wednesday, US and Israeli sources said a major Iranian missile and drone attack on Israel was imminent in the coming days.


The US Navy is moving the aircraft carrier CVN 69 Dwight D. Eisenhower closer to Israel, likely to intercept Iranian missiles.


The Israeli Air Force conducted joint exercises with Cyprus to simulate an attack on Iran. These included long-range exercises and an attack on a distant target in coordination with the Cypriot National Guard and the US military.


The commander of the US Army Central Command has arrived in Israel. He is believed to be coordinating Israel's defense against Iranian attack.

Iran enriched uranium to create three nuclear bombs – Washington Post. Creating a nuclear warhead that can be mounted on a missile can take up to two years or more. Commenting on the progress of the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the publication writes that the carefully guarded enrichment plant in Fordo produced a significant amount of enriched uranium, the level of which is only slightly below weapons-grade. The Washington Post estimates that Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium is enough to produce three nuclear weapons.

Iran has rejected Turkey's proposed mediation to prevent Iranian retaliation against Israel. The Israeli military cabinet convened an urgent emergency meeting in Tel Aviv, the Jerusalem Post reports. An informed source in the IRGC Aerospace Forces commented on the blocking of GPS signals in Israel: Iran has already thought about this issue and all the missiles that have been built over the past 12 years do not use GPS or any international positioning devices at all. There is none of them.

Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian held urgent telephone conversations with his counterparts from Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Senator Marco Rubio, who is also a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Iran plans to launch a “full-scale attack on Israel from its own territory” and that Israel will respond by launching an even larger attack on Iranian territory.

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