Police were pelted with stones by residents of the area where drug trafficking was carried out

Incredible scenes, reminiscent of shots from American action films about the drug mafia, took place this morning in Zoniana: local residents violently attacked policemen who came to check on them. On the morning of September 7, police officers, with the participation of detachments from EKAM, MAT, TAE and other services, conducted a large-scale operation in […]

Albanians moved hashish cultivation to Greece due to covid

Albanian drug traffickers have moved hashish cultivation to Greece due to restrictive measures against the coronavirus, offering producers a “salary” of 30,000 euros and some production as a bonus. According to an investigation by the prosecutor’s office’s anti-narcotics unit, members of criminal groups from Albania have moved hemp cultivation to the Greek mountains (file photo […]

In Nea Smirni, police seize 40 kilograms of hashish

Two Greeks, 34 and 30 years old, and a 33-year-old Bulgarian were arrested by officers of the capital’s anti-drug police unit in the Nea Smirni region for possession and drug trafficking. More than 40 kilograms of hashish were seized from drug dealers. The arrest in Nea Smyrni, according to EL.AS., was carried out after receiving […]

The man grew hashish under the guise of carrots

A 65-year-old man was arrested by security personnel from the Peania Police Department (Thessaloniki). He is charged with possession and cultivation of cannabis. During a search of the house of a drug suspect, using the police dog Akila from the Halkidiki Police Department, a quantity of cannabis was found and seized, weighing approximately 6.5 kg. […]