A special sensor instantly scans the amount of vitamins in fruits and vegetables

The ambitious European Food Screening EMR project will take agriculture in Europe to a completely different level – a special sensor will detect the presence of vitamins in agricultural products in real time and help adjust the growing conditions. The project brings together farmers, food producers, technology laboratories and universities. Let’s talk about just one […]

The European Parliament voted for candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution calling for candidate status for membership in EU for Ukraine and Moldova, and to support Georgia’s European perspective. About this, as he writes “European Truth”, said the press service of the European Parliament. 529 deputies voted “for” the resolution, 45 voted “against”, 14 abstained. In the resolution, the […]

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called for EU reforms

Olaf Scholz is sure that it is necessary to simplify the procedure for joining the European Union, and for this it is necessary to carry out reforms. The German chancellor spoke about this in an interview with Germany’s largest daily newspaper. Suddeutsche Zeitung. He believes that preparing for expansion EU not only applicants for admission, […]