The Netherlands and Denmark are against granting status to Ukraine "candidate"

Next week, the EC may make a formal recommendation to grant Ukraine candidate status for EU membership. But Denmark and the Netherlands disagree. According to Bloombergciting its sources, the EC recommendation will be accompanied by certain conditions related to anti-corruption legislation and the rule of law. The final decision must be made by the leaders […]

EU Minimum Wage Agreement

Given the far from rosy economic prospects, as well as galloping inflation, Member States EU set a minimum wage. This does not mean that it will be the same in all European countries, but the agreement will oblige to ensure a decent level of provision for all workers in Europe. The aim of the new […]

The European Parliament recommended granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate

At the plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it recommended to the Council EU grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate: “as a clear political signal of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.” According to “European Truth” citing Deutsche Welle, a resolution calling for Ukraine to be granted candidate status, […]

Ukraine is offered "vestibule" on the way to the EU – intermediate membership

Proposal to grant Ukraine “intermediate” membership in EU made June 5 Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. He wants to create a special “preparatory space” where Ukraine could reach EU standards. According to Reuters, the Austrian chancellor implies an intermediate stage between cooperation and full EU membership for Ukraine and Moldova, so that these countries reach European […]

Boris Johnson offers Zelensky an alternative to the European Union

During a visit to the Ukrainian capital, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson allegedly offered President Volodymyr Zelensky Ukraine’s membership in a possible new union of European states. Italian newspaper Corriere Della Seraciting sources, reports that Johnson outlined the prospects for a new alliance to the Ukrainian president, announcing its name – the “European Commonwealth” – […]

What is in the sixth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation from the EU

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell spoke about the content of the sixth package of sanctions that the European Union introduces against Russia. According to BB.LV, referring to Borrell’s statement, another sanctions package due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine includes restrictions on oil imports. As it became known earlier, […]

Russian president advises Europe not to rush

In response to statements EU about the intention to quickly get rid of energy dependence on the Russian Federation, the Kremlin recommends not to rush. Moscow warns against haste in resolving an important issue – refusing to supply Russian gas. If countries in Europe as a whole want to get rid of energy dependence by […]