War in Ukraine: “special military operation moves into the second phase and focuses on the east of the country”

While sirens sound again in Kyiv and bombardments continue, Russia unexpectedly announced the start of the second stage of a special operation in Ukraine. It will focus on the east, for complete control over the regions of Donbass. According to newsbreak.gr, military experts are puzzled and surprised by Moscow’s unexpected move. They are trying to […]

The head of the Greek Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador of Ukraine due to the death and injury of expatriates

On Tuesday, the Greek Foreign Ministry summoned Ukrainian Ambassador to Athens Serhiy Shutenko, where he was informed about a serious incident that occurred in the village of Granitnoye in eastern Ukraine – the death of one and the injury of 2 more Greek expatriates. This is stated in messagedistributed by the press service of the […]

Flight MH17 Crash Case – Witness Testimony, Material Demonstration and Single Version

Court hearings for the MH17 crash began on June 7 in the Netherlands. During this week, general issues related to the investigation and case materials are discussed. The testimonies of eight witnesses were announced for the first time. Reading out the case file, yesterday Hendrik Steenhais, the presiding judge, stated during the hearing about the […]

Ukraine: Zelenskiy wants talks with Russian president about Donbass

Volodymyr Zelenskyy wants to discuss the situation in Donbass with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has asked Moscow about negotiations, TASS reports. The conflict in Donbass is gaining momentum, the situation is escalating – missile strikes, shootings, the death of not only the military, but the civilian population, including children. Yulia Mendel, spokesman for the […]