The rocket hit the center of Donbass. 20 civilians died

The armed forces of Ukraine shelled the center of Donetsk, as a result there are dead and wounded, administrative buildings were also damaged. About it informs headquarters of the territorial defense of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).


Over the building of the Government House in the center of Donetsk, air defense forces intercepted a missile of the Tochka-U tactical missile system (TRK), the defense department said. The headquarters released footage from the alleged location of the fall of the wreckage. “According to preliminary data, in the center of Donetsk, at the site of the fall of the fragments of the Tochka-U missile, 20 dead and 15 wounded,” the report says.

By data Ministry of Health of the self-proclaimed republic at 12:48 Moscow time, as a result of a shell explosion, 16 people were killed. Another 23 were injured, including one child. Rescuers and ambulance crews continue to work at the site of the explosion.

Eyewitnesses in Donetsk itself recall that there were several loud explosions, after which the street was filled with smoke. “There were several powerful explosions. The employees and I immediately moved into the corridor. The crack was such that we thought the whole building would collapse. It was very loud. There were several hits. It was very scary. Our staff provided first aid to the injured. They applied tourniquets while they waited for the ambulance. At first they couldn’t go outside, because there was very strong smoke, and nothing could be seen, ”an employee of one of the companies located on the street where the explosion occurred told URA.RU correspondent.

Local residents claim that nothing like this has happened in the city center since the peak of the military conflict in 2014-2015. Even in recent months, when the number of shelling by the Ukrainian military has increased significantly, the center of Donetsk has remained a safe place. Now, even the relatively quiet life of the central quarters of the city is no longer such.

People’s militia of the DPR reports that the explosion occurred in the area of ​​the street. Universitetskaya and Shevchenko Boulevard.

The agency is treating the incident as a terrorist attack. The shelling was carried out from the north-western direction, from the Krasnoarmeysk region, which is controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces, Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said at a briefing. According to him, Tochka-U carried cluster munitions, and the explosion claimed the lives of 20 people. “The use of such weapons in a city where there are no firing positions of the armed forces, that is, obviously against the civilian population, is a war crime,” he added.

Ukrainian side deniesthat fired rockets at Donetsk. “You have already come across such information that a rocket or other ammunition fell in Donetsk … I want to say that this is definitely a Russian rocket or some other ammunition,” the representative of the department said.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to the UN, more than 500 civilians in Ukraine have died, including several dozen in territories controlled by the Russian Federation.

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