Mixed up the dead

A terrible incident occurred in Ptolemais, when relatives were given for burial the body not of their deceased father, but, as it turned out much later, the body of an unknown woman. The revelation of an inhabitant of the community, Anatoliko Eordayas, is horrifying: “We almost buried not my father, but the corpse of an […]

The Stolen Dead Found in Drama

The stolen body of a 76-year-old man, which mysteriously disappeared from a cemetery in Kavala, was finally found in the family grave in the Ag cemetery. Athanasios in the city of Drama! It all started with the fact that the second wife of the man, having come to the grave of her husband on the […]

Stole … the deceased

An incredible incident took place in Kavala. Unidentified persons opened the grave and took the deceased. An incident that simply does not fit into my head happened at the Eleftteroupoli cemetery in Kavala. Unknown persons dug the grave in which the man was recently buried, opened the coffin and kidnapped the dead man, according to […]