May 25, 2024

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A terrible incident occurred in Ptolemais, when relatives were given for burial the body not of their deceased father, but, as it turned out much later, the body of an unknown woman.

The revelation of an inhabitant of the community, Anatoliko Eordayas, is horrifying: “We almost buried not my father, but the corpse of an unknown woman.” Dimitris Kinigopoulos lost both his parents within six days, and in his Facebook post, he describes the hard times he had to endure.

But there was a backlash that, as he claims, “due to a third party’s mistake” they almost buried an unknown woman, and not his father, the newspaper writes.

Course of events

“In six days I lost both my parents. On 2/18 my father passed away and on 2/12 my mother passed away. This post is not intended for likes, sympathy and comments. There are two reasons why I posted this. The first is the issue of informing relatives about the course of treatment of patients, which in our case was not only almost not carried out, but was completely wrong.That is, after a couple of days, the father is discharged, after which he passes away.

Okay, I have full respect for the medical staff and the fight they are doing every day during this difficult time of the covid pandemic. I begged the doctor who announced the death of my father, an amazing man in the pathology clinic, to try to solve the problem of communication. But in vain.

The second sad thing that causes anger, rage and just I don’t know what else is that yesterday at my father’s funeral we were mistakenly given the body of a woman who should have been buried. Anyway, today they brought my father to his final resting place and took the body of the deceased to take it to her relatives for burial.

For my part, I do not want to accuse anyone and file any lawsuits. In the end, the pain of losing your parents is above all else. I think that other people who, God forbid, find themselves in this position, having lost one of their loved ones due to covid, will find ways to bypass the protocol and still see the one you are burying. At least you will be sure that you are crying for your own person. Thank you!” the heartbroken man wrote in his post.

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