May 25, 2024

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Patras: there was no deceased in the grave, buried in 2017

The planned exhumation of the body at the cemetery in Patras did not take place due to … the absence of the deceased.

The family of the deceased was in shock – no one knew where their mother’s body had disappeared from the grave. The daughter of the deceased says:

“On 19-06-2017 we buried my mother in cemetery B’ in Patras ( Β’ Νεκροταφείο Πατρών). On October 4, 2022, we were called for an exhumation, where the grave was opened. However, we were told that the body of grandmother Dionisia was not yet ready to we, four children, could collect her bones.The date for the second exhumation was set for April 4, 2023, general site 465. Due to health reasons (I have cancer, I am partially disabled, I had knee replacement surgery and metal parts were inserted) I was extended the deadline to carry out the final exhumation of our mother on June 16. At 7.30 in the morning we went to the cemetery and, having opened the grave, were stunned, because there were no bones in the grave, there were no remains of our mother.

The family was confused. The daughter of the deceased continues her story, quotes her edition of CNN Greece:

“I can’t describe to you our feelings, anger, sadness and despair. No one knew what happened. No one knows where our mother’s remains are. Only one cemetery worker told us that there was a mistake and they took her out 4-10 -2022 (i.e. the day of the first exhumation. approx. ed.) I will go to court and all four brothers will take the necessary steps. First, to find the bones of our mother, and second, any person whoever is responsible for this will pay for this monstrous mistake.”

No one has yet clarified the situation, and the family still does not know where the remains of a person close to them are located.

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