June 15, 2024

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Horror at the funeral: they opened the coffin and saw the wrong deceased

A shocking incident took place in Evros, when, during the funeral of a man, his relatives opened the coffin and were frightened, realizing that it contained the body of a completely different person.

According to evros-news.gr, the incident took place in the village of Mavrokklisi (Soufli). The elderly man died in Athens, where he lived, and his family decided to bury him in the place where he was born. Thus, his body had to be transported from the capital to the village by the funeral parlor, which handled the entire process.

Family, relatives, friends and fellow villagers gathered in the Holy Temple of the Prophet Elijah to see off the deceased on the last journey. The hearse arrived and the coffin was taken to the church. And when the lid was opened, the relatives of the deceased recoiled from the coffin, since there was the body of a completely different person.

In shock, the family began to call the funeral home. In the end, it was discovered that a mistake had been made in obtaining the body from the hospital morgue. At the same time, the relatives of the other deceased were notified, who were already preparing for the funeral at the cemetery in Athens.

Thus, the funeral in Mavroklisi was postponed, the coffin was closed. The next day, another hearse arrived from Athens, carrying the body of an elderly man who was eventually buried in the cemetery of the village of Soufli.

Alas, this is not the first time in Greece when it is discovered that the dead were confused

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