May 25, 2024

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An elderly mother lived with her daughter’s corpse for three days

The family tragedy in Metsovo shocked the public: an elderly woman spent three days with her daughter, who died.

Police intervention revealed a family tragedy: a 61-year-old woman was found dead next to her elderly mother, who for three days did not tell anyone that her daughter was dead.

The police arrived at the house after a son (grandson), who was abroad, called neighbors, telling them that he had tried unsuccessfully for 2 days to contact the women, mother and grandmother. And he asked to go to them and find out what was the matter.

Neighbors who visited the women saw a terrible picture: the lifeless body of the daughter of an elderly mother was next to her. The police were immediately called.

According to law enforcement agencies, the autopsy results will shed light on the woman’s death. However, her 92-year-old mother, who has serious health problems, was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

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