Pigs on the beach

Vacationers on one of the beaches of Chalkis witnessed an extraordinary spectacle – next to the swimmers were … wild boars. According to the news outlet in.gr, on the beach of Stavento in Chalkis, a family of wild boars was seen, which, not being afraid of people, briskly splashed in the sea. Unlike vacationers, who […]

A victim of purple jellyfish spoke about what happened to her

Purple jellyfish have become a “nightmare” for those who want to swim in the sea, because they are now “everywhere”. Appearance poisonous purple jellyfish on the beaches of Greece extremely alarmed and upset both vacationers and tourists, because their bite is very painful. Many users on social media have posted videos of the beaches they […]

Where purple jellyfish spread their tentacles: a map with “red” zones

Purple jellyfish spread throughout the Greek seas. And some areas of the country have faced a problem due to their appearance. Experts warn that her bite is not treated with ammonia, but requires a different approach. Purple jellyfish originally originated in the Ionian Sea but have now been found on the beaches of the Aegean […]

Halkidiki: a two-year-old boy was pulled from the sea unconscious

A two-year-old boy who was found unconscious in the seaside area of ​​Paliouri (Kassandra, Chalkidiki) is being treated at the General Hospital of Halkidiki. The baby was pulled out of the sea and provided first aid by people nearby and a pediatrician called to the scene. After some time, an EKAB ambulance arrived and took […]

Carefully! After purple comes blue jellyfish

We can feel the burning and itching from blue jellyfish, even if we do not touch them, but simply swim near. This is the warning of ecologists who discovered individuals of this species in the Greek seas. Within one month, we will have, as every year, an outbreak of the blue jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo, according […]

Dangerous Swimming: Purple Jellyfish

Bathers should be careful when swimming in the sea this summer as the population of purple jellyfish has increased. Jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) is considered one of the most dangerous species in the Mediterranean. Its bite is very painful due to the neurotoxin contained in the stinging cells. Campers should be very well informed about what […]

Brown jellyfish: a new attack in Greece

The Greek seas are filled with dangerous purple jellyfish, and it may turn out that some of you still have to face it when swimming. At the same time, as experts advise, forget about rubbing the burn site with vinegar or ammonia. The purple jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) is expected to peak in Greek seas in […]

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