September 27, 2023

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The most dangerous beach in Greece

The most dangerous beach in Greece is located on Ikaria, and this is none other than Nas or Nesh (Νάς, Nas Beach).

The beach is located in the north of Ikaria. It is the only one that has a safety rope on it so that the brave bathers who visit it can hold on to it without the risk of being carried away by very strong sea currents either towards the open sea or towards the rocks.

Nas Beach is especially popular with nudists and free campers. Access to the beach is by road from the main road Agios Kirikos – Armenistis.

After passing Armenistis and a distance of 3 km, you will need to leave the car on the main road and go down the path with steps, which will lead you first to the river and then either across the river or along the rocks to the beach.

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