swimming beetle "ruined it" weekend family

A woman who was vacationing with her family in Castri Loutro in Larisa was frightened by a huge swimming beetle. A terrifying insect approached her while bathing.

On Sunday, June 28, a poisonous beetle known as “Litokeros” completely discouraged adults and children from continuing to swim in the sea, reports tromaktiko.gr.

A beetle gliding along the surface among the seaweed approached the woman and her family while they were enjoying a swim. This species of amphibian can cause severe pain if it bites someone. This became known from a resident of Larisa, who posted a warning to parents on social networks.

Message: “Good morning to the whole team! I would like to inform you that last Sunday when we were swimming in Castries, we saw the amphibian beetle you see in the picture floating on the surface among the seaweed. It reminded me of something, and I searched a little, this is Lithokeros, a poisonous amphibian beetle about 10 cm long, which appeared two years ago on Platamonas beach. There is news that some time ago he bit a 10-year-old child, causing him great pain. Be especially attentive to your children.”

As Athenian News wrote earlier, the appearance of the insect “Lithokeros” (Lethocerus patruelis, Belostomatidae) in Greece has become more frequent. According to local website lamiareport.gr, the insect, which is the largest in Europe, was spotted on the pavement near the Politikos department store in the center of Lamia, terrifying several passers-by.

Litokeros is a predatory insect that can grow up to 12 cm, its bite is strong and painful even for humans. It feeds on small mollusks, fish fry and small amphibians.

His first appearance was recorded in Lamia over three years ago. In 2019, it bit a 10-year-old boy who was swimming with his family on Lakkopetra beach in Achaia, and in 2020, a similar bug was seen on Platamonas. A year ago, a poisonous insect was reported in the area of ​​Volos and in the area of ​​Agia Marina (Larisa).

What kind of insect is Lethocerus patruelis?

Stonehorn, or Lethocerus Patruelis – Belostomatidae (scientific name), looks like a huge cockroach that swims and flies, while it can reach 12 cm. Its bite is poisonous, but not deadly to humans, although it causes acute pain.

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