Expert plan for safe flying is ready

Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the expert commission, which will finally approve the plan for a coronavirus-free summer. What did the experts decide, and what measures will be canceled? Once again about the fourth dose. We are all tired of the pandemic, and the government promises that with slow but sure steps, guided […]

Lockdowns in Europe again, this time for the unvaccinated

The governments of European countries are again tightening measures against the spread of coronavirus, they concern unvaccinated citizens. WHO calls Europe the epicenter of infections, compared to the summer, now the statistics of coronavirus in some European countries reflect a 10-fold increase. Each state, based on the data of alarming daily reports, is trying to […]

Greece: health certificate online

To obtain a health certificate, you no longer need to spend time visiting a doctor – the Greek authorities suggest doing this online. The new digital healthcare service is sure to appeal to those looking to sign up for a gym or pool – they require a health certificate, and bureaucratic delays previously took a […]

American pharmacist faces over 100 years in prison for selling vaccination certificates

An American pharmacist was arrested, who made a good profit on the sale of vaccination certificates. However, he is unlikely to need the money now, the businessman faces a too long prison term – 120 years. According to RIA Novosti, law enforcement agencies arrested 34-year-old Chicago resident Tangtang Zhao. By the time of his arrest, […]

How Ukrainian tourists are checked by customs – its own and European

The example of Ukrainian tourists clearly shows how Europe greets third-country nationals and how strictly it monitors the implementation of the conditions and restrictions on coronavirus imposed by the states. Some European countries are already open for tourists from Ukraine, however, mainly for vaccinated people who have an international covid certificate (issued through the Diya […]

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