Greece: Single Certificate of Inheritance

The unified certificate of the right to inheritance is designed to systematize the main evidence that confirms the presence or absence of legal relations related to the right of inheritance. What changes does this document bring?

A draft law of the Ministry of Digital Governance regarding a unified certificate of inheritance has been submitted for public discussion. It will greatly facilitate the work of individuals, enterprises, notaries, lawyers, engineers and other categories of persons. In addition, it will significantly save time and avoid the inevitable troublesome actions associated with obtaining various certificates confirming the legal relationship that arose as a result of the same life event.

The bill assumes that a single certificate of the right to inheritance will combine the following certificates:

  1. certificate of renunciation of the inheritance or its acceptance from the justice of the peace (Ειρηνοδικείο) or the court of first instance (Πρωτοδικείο);
  2. certificate of the presence or absence of a will, issued by Ειρηνοδικείο or Πρωτοδικείο;
  3. certificate of contestation or non-contestation of the inheritance issued by the court of first instance (Πρωτοδικείο);
  4. certificate of whether the right to inheritance was recognized by the world court (Ειρηνοδικείο).

The unified certificate of inheritance will be valid for six months from the date of its issuance.

The application for issuing a single certificate of inheritance will be the same for all courts in the country. In the case of judicial institutions that have joined the Ο.Σ.Δ.Δ.Υ.-Π.Π. , through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration (Ε.Ψ.Π.), on the portal of digital court services In the event that judicial institutions have not yet joined the Ο.Σ.Δ.Δ.Υ.-Π.Π., the application and receipt of the above certificate is carried out by physical presence at the secretariat of the competent court.

You can also apply and receive a single certificate of inheritance right at the Citizen Service Centers (Κέντρων Εξυπηρέτησης Πολιτών), writes

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