February 25, 2024

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Lockdowns in Europe again, this time for the unvaccinated

The governments of European countries are again tightening measures against the spread of coronavirus, they concern unvaccinated citizens.

WHO calls Europe the epicenter of infections, compared to the summer, now the statistics of coronavirus in some European countries reflect a 10-fold increase. Each state, based on the data of alarming daily reports, is trying to find the most effective measures in this situation.

In Austria, there are regular police raids on transport and restaurants. Now for unvaccinated citizens, even a negative PCR test will not help to get into a public place. The only pass is a certificate of vaccination, and its absence during a police check is fraught with a fine of 90 euros. In Upper Austria, a lockdown has been introduced for the unvaccinated. The authorities are striving to cover the maximum possible number of their citizens with coronavirus vaccinations, therefore they promise to continue to make life difficult for those who refuse vaccination.

Starting last Saturday, a partial lockdown was introduced in the Netherlands, despite the expressed dissatisfaction of the population: shops and bars are now closed at 8 pm, and non-food stores – already at 6. They also remembered the previously existing restrictions – a distance of 1.5 meters and even at home “don’t get together more than four”. The measures are designed for 3 weeks, then they will be revised. Educational institutions and cinemas are still open.

A national referendum will be held in Switzerland on November 28. Citizens of the country will be able to independently decide whether vaccination should become mandatory, and a certificate of vaccination – an indispensable attribute in all spheres of public life.

The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is in full swing in Germany – every 2 weeks the number of infections doubles. Until now, the federal government has not yet made vaccination mandatory, even for medical personnel.

In Russia more than 41% of citizens are vaccinated, having received at least the first dose. Last Friday, parliamentarians introduced a bill on the mandatory use of QR codes in public places, with confirmation of vaccination or previous coronavirus infection.

The Greek government is ready for any scenario of the development of the epidemiological situation and response to them. Including – to rigid insulation unvaccinated citizens, if the already introduced security measures are not enough. Until then …

A total of 80,014 checks were held on friday competent audit services (EL.AS, Coast Guard, EAD, DIMEA, Sepe, Regions and Municipal Police). 391 cases of violation of epidemiological measures were registered. Judging by the number of inspections, this activity has again become the main one for “competent audit services”, so we expect a sharp increase in crime, since the issue of combating covid violators has again become a priority for the Greek authorities. On Saturday, government spokesman Yannis Iconomou stated about European lockdowns:

“The general direction is this: we do not close on lockdown, we apply sanitary measures, there is an extensive control system, which is applied much more strictly. All this in order to stay open and not take steps back. “

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