Expert plan for safe flying is ready

Tomorrow there will be a meeting of the expert commission, which will finally approve the plan for a coronavirus-free summer. What did the experts decide, and what measures will be canceled? Once again about the fourth dose.

We are all tired of the pandemic, and the government promises that with slow but sure steps, guided by epidemiological data, we will move towards the final exit from it, gradually lifting measures. But experts warn that bad decisions can lead to backward steps, which, of course, no one wants.

Both the government and experts understand that some measures have already been practically canceled in reality – they are simply not being observed. The ones that are still operating are holding back the functioning of the market, which is already burdened by the crisis in Ukraine.

The roadmap for exiting the pandemic has been largely approved. Compulsory testing in schools will be abolished after Easter, and all of us will not have to show vaccination certificates at the entrance to a closed room in the summer, reports Newsbeast. But it will not be possible to say goodbye completely to masks – they will remain an indispensable accessory when visiting medical institutions and supermarkets, in public transport.

Yesterday a new joint ministerial decision appeared (Κοινή Υπουργική Απόφαση, ΚΥΑ), which changes the validity of COVID-certificates and certificates of illness. By analogy with European ones, they will be valid for 6 and 9 months. It also lists all the measures that will remain in effect until April 11. Let’s consider them in more detail. The decision says:

“Adults who have been vaccinated and at least nine months have elapsed since the second dose or, in the case of single-dose vaccines, after a single dose, are considered fully vaccinated if they received a booster dose.”

The following are considered fully vaccinated:

  • those who completed vaccination against coronavirus at least 14 days ago, which is confirmed by a certificate with the simultaneous presentation of an identity card;
  • those who received the first two-dose vaccine and then fell ill, as confirmed by a certificate of illness with an identity card.

The vaccination certificate is valid for 9 months if a booster dose is available. The certificate of illness is valid for 6 months (extended) and is issued:

  • after laboratory testing by PCR for coronavirus within fourteen days after the first positive test;
  • specifically for fully vaccinated individuals and after a positive test using a rapid coronavirus antigen test.

The ministerial decision states:

“The validity of the certificate of illness is not more than 180 days after the aforementioned single or first positive test.”

Discussions will continue today and a decision may be made on the 4th dose for senior citizens. It was previously announced that it is planned to be introduced to other populations, in particular, for people with weakened immune systems.

The National Immunization Committee has reviewed the data and evidence for the 4th dose in other countries and is expected to recommend very soon a platform for a second booster dose to the elderly.

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