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The e-katanalotis platform is up and running. How to use it

The e-consumer platform e-katanalotis is operational from today, Maundy Monday, after a radical “perturbation”.

Using the app, consumers will be able to compare product pricesas well as create their own basket of products (that they want to buy), and shop at the supermarket chain that they prefer for one reason or another.

The platform provides the consumer with the opportunity to see “transparent prices” and compare them. There are a total of 3,000 core and fast-selling consumer products listed on the platform. This way you can find and create the cheapest basket based on prices and product availability.

Using the information available on the platform, the consumer has the opportunity to check all the supermarkets located near his place of residence before starting shopping. Thus, In addition to money, it also saves time.

Product prices are sourced from each chain's central online store and there may be slight variations from physical store prices. Prices are updated daily at 10:00. Over the next 24 hours, versions for mobile devices and tablets will be ready.

In the table below from the updated e-katanalotis platform, we track price comparisons between 5 different supermarket chains for a basket containing the same 10 products.

In Table 2 of the updated e-katanalotis platform, we track price comparisons between five different chains of a cart containing exactly the same 20 products.


Development Minister Kostas Skrekas said: “The government is using all available tools on the side of households. Updating the e-consumer platform provides even more opportunities for citizens. The consumer can create his own basket of goods in a minimum of time, compare prices, choose a network and move on to the most profitable purchase, in his opinion.”

“We continue to take proactive steps to provide new tools and streamline existing ones, focusing on protection, consumer assistance, increased transparency and stimulation of healthy competition for the benefit of consumers. We will continue to stand side by side with all citizens in every possible way and with all our might,” he said.

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