April 24, 2024

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You can now easily and quickly obtain a certificate of education on the gov.gr website.

In many Greek authorities, for example, when applying for child or housing benefits, a certificate of education is required. Wed yesterday you can get it quickly and without leaving your home on gov.gr.

In accordance with the ministerial decision of the Minister of Education, Religion and Sports Kyriakos Pierrakakis and the Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papastergiou, the “School Attendance Certificate” is available online.

To receive the document, guardians of minors or adult students must go through a simple procedure and see it in their personal mailbox on the website without any bureaucracy my.gov.gr. Access to the service is possible directly on the platform in the “Εκπαίδευση” section and the “Εγγραφή σε σχολείο” subsection.

To obtain a certificate of education, interested parties connect to the platform with their TaxisNet passwords, no other information is required.

The issued certificate has a unique code number in alphanumeric and QR format, as well as an advanced electronic signature of the Ministry of Digital Governance. It is valid for presentation both as an electronic document and as a paper document. As a rule, it is necessary for:

  • registration of a minimum guaranteed income;
  • housing benefits;
  • child benefits;
  • deferment of classification of students of secondary and higher educational institutions, post-secondary education centers:
  • compensation for hearing aids for public school students.

The planning and development of this important service was carried out by the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports, and the Ministry of Digital Governance, with the participation of the Institute of Computer Technology and Publications (Ι.Τ.Υ.Ε.), the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance and the National Institute of Technology, research infrastructure networks (ΕΔΥΤΕ ΑΕ – GRNET).

Citizens’ data writes newsbeast.gr, are collected through the Interoperability Center of the General Secretariat of Information Systems and Digital Governance of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

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